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where are water beads are totally AWESOME!

Awesome Water Beads has a great variety of water beads for plants. Thsese water beads can keep your plants and flowers watered for up to 20 -30 days. In addition, you can use water beads for flower arrangements to make a dazzling display as a water beads for centerpieces, for a wedding reception, water beads for sensory play, and so much more!

Get more water beads for the money here at Awesome Water Beads. Compared to water beads from stores like Walmart, Michaels, Hobby Lobby, and others, our water packages are larger (10 grams per bag) and are a better quality and better price than the store bought kind.

Awesome Water Beads offer a variety of water beads for sale - including a great color selection and multiple water beads bulk size bags, from 1/4 pound up to 2 pound bags.